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On the top of the page choose the type of vehicle you want to rent under the menu “Rentals”.  Then click on the green button which is titled as “Rent it”. A new page will appear with some information about the chosen vehicle. At the bottom of that page you will find the title “Request for booking” and under it some fields you will need to fill (first name, last name, telephone number etc.).  The last field is titled “Extra information”. You can write any additional information you may want let us know or ask for an offer.

At the moment of the pickup of the vehicle, our staff will inform you about the appropriate fuel type. The vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level it had. In case that the vehicle is filled with more fuel quantity, the price of the extra fuel quantity is not refunded.

The driver of a scooter must be at least 21 years old or more and the driver of a motorbike must be at least 23 years old or more. Drivers of a four-wheel vehicle must be at least 23 years old or more. All drivers of any type of vehicle must own their driving license no less than 1 year.

The main driver should have the following documents with him: 1) An id or passport (with his own name), 2) A valid EU driving license (also with his own name) or a valid international driving permit (for drivers of non-EU countries).

In case the rental vehicle has to be returned later than the agreed time then you should inform us in advance. The vehicle rental insurance covers you only for the agreed rental period. Please notify us if you have to return the vehicle later.  In case that the vehicle is returned earlier than agreed there is no refund of money. If you want to extend the rental period you should notify us as soon as possible. The vehicle rental extension might be subject to availability but we will do our best to satisfy you.

You can add an additional driver when you arrive at our office to pick up your vehicle. The same document and age  requirements are in effect for the additional driver too.

Scooters, ATVs and motorbikes include insurance to third parties. Cars include full insurance which, however, does NOT cover the under side of the car, the wheels and any damage caused to the mirrors of the car. The insurances do not cover any violation of the greek traffic code, especially if the violation is due to alcohol overdose or use of drugs during driving or off-road driving.

In case of breakdown or accident you should call our office and the police. You should explain to our representative, who will be at the place of the accident or of the breakdown as soon as possible, what happened as better as possible. You must remain close to the rental vehicle until the assistance arrives at the place. If there’s a damage which cannot be repaired at once we will replace the damaged vehicle with a new one as soon as possible.

In case that you lost the vehicle’s key you should contact our office and our representative will bring you a replacement key for the specific vehicle. It has to be noted, however, that the loss of the key is not covered by the insurance and extra charges may be applied.

All our prices include VAT as determined by the state.

All vehicle deliveries to hotels or AIRBNB houses are carried out by our office within its working hours.