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1. To rent an ATV you must own a valid European or International driving license of category B.

2. Minimum age for renting and driving an ATV is 23 years old.

3. The vehicle must be returned with the same fuel level as taken.

4. We will refuse rental if we think that the driver isn’t safe because of lack of driving skill or because of lack of driving experience.

5. Many people think that quad bikes (ATVs) are suitable for all terrain driving. However driving off road requires special skills and good knowledge of the area terrain. Kolymbari Transport Rentals doesn’t permit off road driving of ANY vehicle including ATVs and our insurance will not cover damages of any kind while driving off road.

6. It is strictly forbidden for the vehicle to leave the area of Chania.

7. A single day rental is from  09:00 AM until 21:00 PM.